About Us (약 우리)

Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, Klara and I aren’t as into kpop as we were a while ago. I can assure you that lyrics will still be posted but I think at this point, it’s more me doing it for fun than it is to be a reliable site for lyrics. I’ve gotten a job recently and Klara has school so I’ll never be able to promise consistent lyrics. As of the writing of this right now, I’m listening to EXO’s History. I’ve missed kpop a lot. It was a simpler time back then. I miss buying albums and downloading all the new songs by UKISS or Block B or SNSD. There are so many new groups that have debuted since I fell out of kpop so I’m not going to even try to learn about them right now. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. For right now, I’m going to stick to what I know and get back into listening to those songs and posting those lyrics. Another thing that’s changed is our main source of lyrics has gone away as of last year: Daum music. I’ll now be using Melon since that site is easy to navigate. I’m no longer recruiting people to post lyrics because I started this site by myself and I know it will never end but I’m up for the challenge of taking care of it practically by myself. This site means a lot to me. I know it’s just a simple website dedicated to color coded and romanized kpop lyrics but this site holds a lot of good memories for me. I turn 19 in 5 months and I know I’m still young, but I feel like I’m aging at the speed of light. This site is a reminder that I was once young, I was once bad at Korean, and I was once clinging to Kpop as my reality. I clang to it to keep myself grounded. It worked for the most part. Anyways, I’m sure no one reads this because we don’t get a lot of traffic but thank you to those of you who still come to us for lyrics and I’m really sorry we haven’t been posting. I will never give up on this site for as long as I live. This is part of my life; a big part of it. Thanks.



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