Hiatus Update

whoa man. it’s been a long time since there have been any posts here. i am really sorry about that but i started to fall out of kpop a bit (a lot) and my heart wasn’t in it so i stopped posting. i kinda started listening to western music a lot and now im completely in deep with twenty one pilots and halsey and its just fascinating how quick i went from kpop back to what i grew up with in a matter of like a month. regardless, i will never leave kpop. in fact, i’m listening to kpop as i write this! i’ve always had big plans for this blog and that will never change. one of these days, i hope to have a regular schedule and to actually purchase a .com domain. but my number one thing will always be making sure i’m providing you all with accurate lyrics from the latest releases (though i’m horribly behind on so much). next year marks the 4 year anniversary of this blog and i hope to be able to continue far past four years. i don’t know how often i will post lyrics after i publish this post since i’m in the middle of searching for jobs and planning a move to los angeles, but i’m going to do my best! thanks to everyone keeping our stats up and to all of our followers who probably have forgotten of our existence.

once i get settled in a job and move, i should be able to focus more on this blog. that may not be for another year or two, so until then posts will probably be spotty and most likely a lot at a time like i had been doing. so prepare for that!

thanks for sticking around if you have and remember to browse our large selection of lyrics. we absolutely have lyrics to songs that other people dont that is a fact so i’m just saying (we are also missing a lot of lyrics that other people have so at least we’re not the only ones that exist…….).


p.s. i used to go by Bri but i’m going by a different name now just putting that out there

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