[CONFIRMED] UKISS Adds New Member for June Comeback

Submitted by Yoon

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors surfacing about UKISS gaining a new member after a photo was leaked on Twitter with a mystery man in the back.

UKISSThis was the photo leaked. When KissMe’s saw this picture, it was crazy. People were suspecting he was either a new member, an actor in the video, or a backup dancer. Today, we now know, he is the new maknae of UKISS, Jun.

maknae jun ^^Name: Jun
Birthday: 22 January 1997 (17 years old)
Skills: Dancing, Rapping, Singing
Height: 185cm

In addition to Jun joining UKISS, it was also stated that due to his schedule, AJ will be staying another semester at school.

UKISS is scheduled to make a comeback next month.

So KM’s, let’s support our new maknae and UKISS! Let’s love UKISS and patiently wait for AJ to come back.



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