에픽하이 (Epik High) [エピックハイ] Discography

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Map of the Human Soul – The First Album (2003)

  1. Go
  2. 풍파 (feat. Han Sangwon)
  3. I Remember (feat. Kensie)
  4. 하늘에게 물어봐 (feat. Dynamic Duo)
  5. 10년 뒤에 (Dear Me) [feat. Leeds]
  6. Lesson One (Tablo’s Word)
  7. 그녀가 불쌍해 (feat. Lyn)
  8. Street Lovin (feat. Joosuc)
  9. Love Song (feat. Park Seonwoong)
  10. 고독 恨 사랑  (Mithra’s Word)
  11. Free Love
  12. Get High
  13. 유서 (feat. TBNY)
  14. 막을내리며  (Dedication)
  15. Watch Ya Self (feat. Digiri, Yankie & Double K) [Hidden Track)

High Society – The Second Album (2004)

  1. 신사들의 산책 (Good Morning)
  2. High Skool
  3. 평화의 날 (Day of Peace)
  4. The Sunrise Interlude
  5. Lesson Two (The Sunset)
  6. My Ghetto (feat. Kim Yeonwoo)
  7. The Basics (feat. Unknown DJs)
  8. 신사들의 절약정신 (Good Afternoon)
  9. Lady (타이틀곡)
  10. 피해망상 Part 3 (feat. TBNY)
  11. 11월1일 (November 1st) [feat. Kim Jaesuk]
  12. 뚜뚜루
  13. 혼자라도 (feat. Clazziquai)
  14. Daydream (사직서)
  15. Open Mic (feat. Eun Ji Won, TBNY, Tweak & Dynamic Duo)
  16. 뒷담화
  17. 신사들의 몰락 (Good Evening)
  18. I Remember (70’s Soul Mix) [feat. Asoto Union & Kensie] (Bonus Track)

Swan Songs – The Third Album (2005)

  1. Innisfree (Intro)
  2. Yesterday (feat. Go Young Jun of Brown Eyed Soul)
  3. Lesson Three (MC)
  4. Fly (feat. Amin. J of Soulciety)
  5. Funkdamental (feat. Unknown DJs)
  6. 그녀는 몰라 (feat. MYK)
  7. Ride (feat. L. Wan)
  8. 이별, 만남… 그 중점에서 (feat. Alex of Calzziquai)
  9. The Epikurean (Intermission)
  10. Paris (feat. Jisun of Loveholic)
  11. Let It Rain (feat. Kim Jongwan of Nell)
  12. 도시가 눈을 감지 않는 이유 (feat. Lee Jung, Infinite Flow)
  13. Follow The Flow (feat. MYK, D-Tox)
  14. Swan Song (feat. TBNY)
  15. Goodbye (Outro)
  16. Elements (feat. DJ Wreckx & MYK) [Bonus Track]
  • Black Swan Songs – The First Repackaged Album (2006)
  1. 사진첩 (Photo Album)
  2. Paris (Jung Jaeil’s Black Swan Remix) [feat. Jisun of Loveholic]
  3. Lesson 3 (Street T’s Street Cred Remix) [feat. MC Meta]
  4. Swan Songs (Pe2ny’s Sweet Music Remix) [feat. TBNY]
  5. Lesson 1 (Supreme T’s Ghetto Child Remix)
  6. Follow The Flow (Street’s Diamond Remix) [feat. Tiger JK]
  7. Lesson 2 (Instrumental)
  8. Fly (Instrumental)
  9. Innisfree Remix (Hidden Track)

Remapping the Human Soul – The Fourth Album (2007)

  • Part One – The The Brain
  1. The End Times (Intro)
  2. 白夜 (White Night) [Stephen and Bloom]
  3. 알고보니 (It’s a Special Kind of Fall, a Horrible Kind) [feat. Jinbo]
  4. 실어증 (Here We Are Now, Entertainers) [feat. Paloalto]
  5. Mr. Doctor (Your Own Personal Kevorkian) [feat. Yankie]
  6. Runaway (Do Not Drink The Kool-Aid) [Mithra’s Word]
  7. Exile (Halftime)
  8. Still Life (Young Hamlets + Ophelia’s, Deconstruct!) [feat. Jinbo, The Quiett, Kebee, TBNY & MC Meta]
  9. 피해망상  Part 1 (But a Dream Within a Dream) [feat. Junggigo]
  10. 희생양 (I Want To Live!) [feat. Sweet Sorrow]
  11. Nocturne (2 Corinthians 11:14) [Tablo’s Word]
  12. 혼 (731)
  13. In Peace (Outro)
  • Part Two – The Heart
  1. Slave Song (Overture)
  2. Flow (Special Security Prisoner Eller) [feat. Emi Hinouchi]
  3. Love/Crime (Fan Prelude)
  4. Fan (John 20:29)
  5. 거미줄 (I’m Flesh and Blood, But Not Human) [feat. ITTA]
  6. 선곡표 (Last Night, A DJ Saved My Life) [feat. DJ Zio]
  7. 중독 (Aphrodisiac Of The Self) [feat. Wanted]
  8. Underground Railroad (Intermission)
  9. FAQ (Retirement From You)
  10. Love Love Love (Broadband Broadway) [feat. Yoongjin of Casker]
  11. Girl Rock (Humbert Humbert) [feat. Jiae of Freestyle]
  12. Broken Toys (Mother, Lover, Artist, Soldier) [feat. Infinite Flow]
  13. 행복합니다 (Roman Holiday) [feat. JW of Nell]
  14. Public Execution (Finale)
  15. Fly (Remix) [Hidden Track – Starts at 1:23]
  16. Fly Remix Prelude (Blackmap Darkness Remix) [On only 100 special “Blackmap” copies of the album]

Pieces, Part One – The Fifth Album (2008)

  1. Be (Purgatorium)
  2. Breakdown (Fin de Siecle)
  3. 서울, 1:13 AM (Short Piece) [The Great Sin]
  4. One (Crown of Thorns) [feat. Jisun of Loveholic]
  5. 연필깎이 (The Carpenter) [feat. Kebee]
  6. Girl (Eve) [feat. Jinbo]
  7. Slave (Conspiracy) [Short Piece] (feat. David Lee)
  8. The Future (Trinity) [feat. Yankie]
  9. 20 Fingers (Short Piece) [Discord] (feat. DJ Friz)
  10. Ignition (Bad Samaritan) [feat. Na Yoon-Kwon]
  11. Eight by Eight (Hubris) [feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K & TBNY]
  12. Décalcomanie (Division of Self)
  13. Icarus Walks (Short Piece) [The Great Fall]
  14. 낙화 (落花) [Ophelia’s Flower] (Tablo Solo)
  15. 우산 (Salvation) [feat. Younha]
  16. 당신의 조각들 (Return to the Father) [feat. Jisun]
  17. Breakdown (Supreme Mix) [B-Side 01]
  18. One (Planet Shiver Mix) [B-Side 02]
  • Repackaged
  1. Love Love Love (Astronica Remix)

魂 (Map The Soul) [2009]

  1. Believe
  2. Cipher (feat. Beatbox DG)
  3. Map The Soul (feat. MYK)
  4. Customer Service (Skit)
  5. Top Gun
  6. 피해망상 Part 2 (Scenario) [feat. MYK]
  7. London
  8. Free Music (Tablo & MYK)
  9. Map The Soul (Worldwide Version) [feat. MYK & Kero One]
  10. Eight by Eight Part 2 (feat. MYK, Minos, Paloalto, The Quiett, Verbal Jint, Kebee, E-Sens & Simon Dominic)

[e] – The Sixth Album (2009)

  • Disc One – [e]motion
  1. Oceans. Sand. Trees
  2. Slow Motion
  3. 선물 (Gift) [feat. Park Jiyoon]
  4. No More Christmas
  5. Maze (feat. Dumbfoundead & MYK)
  6. 통기타 (Acoustic Guitar) [Skit]
  7. 트로트 (Trot)
  8. Emologue
  9. Excuses (feat. MYK)
  10. Moonwalker
  11. Breath (Mithra’s Word) [feat. Han Heejung]
  12. Happy Birthday To Me (feat. Ha DongKyun
  13. Heaven (feat. MYK)
  14. Owls. Shadows. Tears
  15. Slow [e] Motion (Bonus)
  • Disco Two – [e]nergy
  1. Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables (feat. MYK)
  2. Still Here (feat. Dok2)
  3. Sensitive Thug (Skit)
  4. 따라해 (Wannabe) [feat. Mellow]
  5. Rocksteady (feat. Kero One, Dumbfoundead, MYK, Rakka of Dilated Peoples)
  6. Madonna (feat. Mellow)
  7. 말로맨 (Malloman)
  8. Shopaholic
  9. Supreme 100
  10. High Technology
  11. Rocksteady (Korean Version) [feat. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG & Beenzino)
  12. High Skool Dropout (반항하지 마)
  13. 흉 (Whitetip) [feat. MYK, YDG & Dok2]
  14. Lesson 4 (Tablo’s Word)
  15. Organs. Screams. Televisions

Epilogue (2010)

  1. 서랍 (Drawers)
  2. Run
  3. 바보 (Fool) [feat. Bumkey]
  4. Wordkill
  5. Blossom
  6. 비늘 (Scales) [feat. Yankie]
  7. 잡음 (Noise)
  8. Coffee (feat. Sungah)
  9. Over
  10. 숲 (Forest)

Lovescream – The First Mini Album (2008)

  1. Butterfly Effect
  2. Fallin’ (feat. Jo Yejin of Lucite Tokki)
  3. Harajuku Days
  4. 습관 (Habit) [feat. Ha DongKyun]
  5. 쉿 (Shh)
  6. 1분 1초 (1 Minute, 1 Second) [feat. Taru]
  7. 1825 (Paper Cranes)

Remixing The Human Soul (Epik High x Planet Shiver) [2009]

  1. Fly Higher (feat. DH Style)
  2. Love Love Loveless (feat. Yoongjin of Casker)
  3. Breakdown The Wall
  4. 버러진 우산 (feat. Lisa)
  5. 1분 1초 A Little Memory (feat. Taru)
  6. Fanatic
  7. Back To The Future (feat. Yankie)
  8. You Are The One (feat. Horan of Clazziquai)
  9. High Skool Dropout
  10. Remap The Soul (feat. MYK)
  11. (Hidden Track)

춥다 (It’s Cold) [Feat. Lee Hi] – Digital Single (2012)

  1. 춥다 (It’s Cold) [Feat. Lee Hi]

99 – The Seventh Album (2012)

  1. Up (feat. Park Bom of 2NE1)
  2. Don’t Hate Me
  3. 사랑한다면 해선 안될 말 (Wrong)
  4. 춥다 (It’s Cold) [Feat. Lee Hi]
  5. 아까워 (You Don’t Deserve Her) [feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo]
  6. 비켜 (Get Out The Way) [CD Only]
  7. 악당 (Bad Guy)
  8. Ghost (Interlude) [CD Only]
  9. Kill This Love
  10. New Beautiful

신발장 (Shoebox) – The Eighth Album (2014)

  1. 막을 올리며 (Encore)
  2. 헤픈엔딩 (Happen Ending) [feat. Cho Wonseon of Rollercoaster]
  3. RICH (feat. Taeyang)
  4. 스포일러 (Spoiler)
  5. 부르즈 할리파 (Burj Khalifa) [feat. Yankie & Gaeko]
  6. 또 싸워 (We Fight Ourselves) [feat. Younha]
  7. AMOR FATI (feat. Kim Jongwan)
  8. Born Hater (feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Mino, B.I., & Bobby)
  9. Lesson 5 (타임라인) [Timeline]
  10. Life Is Good (feat. Jay Park)
  11. Eyes Nose Lips (feat. Taeyang)
  12. 신발장 (Shoebox) [feat. MYK]

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